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Reviewed in the United States on February 15, 2021
YES DAY is really a cute book with great illustrations but really not worth the money. I got the book for free so to speak as I recently had a birthday and a friend gave me an AMZ gift card. I don't blame AMZ for the price and don't really blame the authors. The book is published by HARPER COLLINS and IMHO this is why the book cost $14.99 USD retail/discounted here on AMZ. Not much of a story, no context as to why parents were saying yes to their kid with everything he wanted. If a parent was reading this book to his/her child, it would be extremely important to put the reading into its proper context adding that the kid may not necessarily get a YES DAY but perhaps YES moments on a particular day. Someone mentioned that the book was racist.....THE BOOK IS NOT RACIST.....I repeat, the book is not racist. This comment is a case of someone looking for something that clearly isn't present! (However, that persons' opinion) The child asks his parents if his friend could come over for dinner (racist??). The parents said yes (racist??) Mario comes over and they have spaghetti and meatballs (racist??). Flip that to perhaps on another day where the boy in the book may have asked if Mario could come over and the parents said no (not racist...parents can so no to their children w/o justification!) Here are some assumptions: Parents are tired and had a long day (racist??). Parents can barely afford to feed the kid or kids they have much less someone else's kid!! (racist??). Mario could be a bad kid!! LOL....I'm just saying....(racist??). The book isn't racist is my point. It's not a book that I would necessarily buy for my kid, but I heard someone talking about the book over the weekend and decided to get it as I didn't have to spend my money on it!! Go find another book to read to your kid!! Something with more pages and more context. Say YES to your kid when they deserve it!! :). As adults we could say YES to ourselves sometimes!!
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