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Reviewed in the United States on October 9, 2017
This is a much better than average collection of short stories. The 17 stories are all in Larry Correia's Monster Hunter universe. I strongly prefer novels, but this is a much better than average collection of short stories. I read every story and marked 12 for rereading in the future, a much better success rate than the average collection.

My take on each story follows. I'm not noting where there are story twists giving any other spoilers to lesson the enjoyment of the reader.

Thistle by Larry Correia - excellent story of a monster hunt with a lot of tracking.
Small Problems by Jim Butcher - Excellent story of an electrician at the Cazador, Alabama HQ.
Darkness Under the Mountain by Mike Kupari - Very good story about working with a Chinese company with monster problems in Afghanistan.
A Knight of the Enchanted Forest by Jessica Day George - OK story of a young girl who is moved to the Enchanted Forest trailer park.
The Bride by Brad Torgersen - A possible second Franks is investigated by Ben Franklin and others.
She Bitch, Killer of Kits by Faith Hunter. This is a skinwalker cross-over tale. I've never read any of the skinwalker stories before and I liked this one.
Mr. Natural by Jody Lynn Nye - A hippie commune summons a plant demon. Bad things happen.
Sons of the Father by Quincy Allen - Two young teenage men go after goblins who murdered their friends.
Keep Kaiju Weird by Kim May - A Kaiju with a puff exemption calls Franks to put down a very bad situation.
The Case of the Ghastly Specter by John Ringo - An interesting story on how detailed research is often needed to put down an uncommon monster. Not as much gun blazing action as most of the others, yet this was one of the best stories in the collection.
Huffman Strikes Back -by Bryan Thomas Schmidt & Julie Frost - Owen gets some down time and monsters with the motive for revenge go after him. I could not figure out why the Bull Man wanted to kill Owen was the only down side to this story.
Hunter Born by Sarah Hoyt - Julie is asked to her High School Prom as a Sophomore by the kicker on the Football Team. Her prom night does not go as planned.

The following stories I did not care for and do not plan to reread:
The Manticore Sanction by John C Wright
The Dead Yard by Maurice Broaddus
Hitlers Dog by Jonathan Maberry
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