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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on July 20, 2022
Let me start by saying that I give 5-Star ratings less than 5 percent of the time, and actually write reviews only 1 percent of the time! April Wilson is a new author to me. How in the world is that possible!? She won’t be a stranger any longer!

This book had so much going on that it should have been an awkward stretch to pull things together, both as a story and for a satisfying conclusion. Every bit of it worked! April Wilson is a creative force of nature!

I read April’s bio and I respect that she shared how Molly’s character was formed, as well as why Jamie’s character was perfect as the wonderful hero. April is right in saying that too many authors portray heroines and heroes as physically ‘perfect’. Most of us aren’t perfect, and so many authors insidiously make a lot of readers feel ‘less than’. It’s almost a form of bullying!

I hope that a great many authors will begin to write characters that are more within the realm of what most of us can believe. I’m sure you have opened a lot of eyes and created a literary groundswell, April! I hope to begin to find a lot more authors who have learned to creatively write with their hearts firmly fixed in reality!
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