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Reviewed in the United States on April 25, 2020
Balls of cheese. Oh balls of cheese. How I love my balls of cheese.
I actually only purchased these because my girlfriend said she had no idea what they were (her childhood wasn't great I guess). So, hip-hop my way onto Amazon, and low and behold, our dear leader Jeff Bezos has ensured that my girlfriend will not die without the tastey, neon flavor of UTZ Balls de la fromage.
I ordered one. The shipping took a bit. Like a month and a half a bit. No worries. I receive a large box eventually. I open the gift from the gods. And lo and behold, I am gifted with not just the one I ordered, but two!


I am still in awe of how many cheese balls I hold in my closet in a guest room. They literally fit nowhere in my kitchen or pantry. Nor do I want anyone to see my bounty of balls.

Turn out my girlfriend doesn't like them.
Oh well

I have so many for me though. And now I am a happy little fat boy with flourecent fingers.

So very very happy.
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