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Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2018
i had to think about this a little bit. after ordering this bag i kinda regretted this order. and when i received the bag. (earlier then what was expected) i still had second thoughts. i work out of town a lot and did some thinking. when i returned home, i went to a couple local stores and checked their bags out and even though this one was more expensive. i found that...

this bag rocks!!!!

i'm now very glad to get this bag which has so much more room, and most important. my 13 inch mac pro fits in the front pocket. the other bags i checked at the store..couldn't even compare to this bag.

i haven't' had a chance to use this bag for travel yet on the plane, i will up date this after my next Emirate flight. which will be in a couple months.
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