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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on March 31, 2020
What a heart-wrenching, but fabulous story!

I immediately loved the theme of Doctors Without Borders, but this one is with the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors. It takes a special kind of person to travel all the way around the world to a war-torn country like Africa, to give aid to those that are poor, wounded and in great need of all the basic necessities of life.

Carys is a woman who has the heart of a lion and the soul of an angel and puts her patients first. Her strength of character is remarkable and her heart is full of love and compassion for those who need her special skills.

I love how Cullen and his teammates from Night Storm, face the adversity of the evil and dangerous people creating the angry mob in Khartoum. Cullen finds Carys and his immediate respect for her selfless care of Shada and her young children, combine with his instant attraction to her as a loving woman.

This story has all the feels. There is so much evil and horror in this kind of situation that is a part of every day life for these poor people, but this story also has an underlying thread of tasteful humor, affection and kindness. I loved the “bile flavored saliva” description! I also love the fact that Carys loves Pineapple Fanta! It was endearing to me how capable Cullen was with newborn baby Adam. So many intricate details that give this story its heart.

I would have been thrilled if this story would have gone on a little further to have a wedding and maybe a baby on the way! Love this series!
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