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Reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2015
This is the first time I read anything from this author. It won't be the last because these are very well-written stories. They are chilling at times, somewhat humorous at others, and the collection of stories works well together.

The first story is about a deaf man who can hear things no one else can.
The second and third stories are set in a hospital morgue and these are the ones that are strange and vaguely humorous. The first is about an autopsy on a woman who may not be dead and may not be human. The second is about two dead men, stuck in the morgue with their corpses, wondering what comes next.

The fourth and fifth stories are basically about good vs. evil. The fourth story is set in a seedy part of town, complete with prostitutes, drug addicts, and people struggling to survive. There are a series of murders and then a stand-off between the evil murderer and the good man, who may be more than a man.

The fifth story takes place during a plague that is wiping out humans. It is a terrible disease and described vividly. One man discovers what it takes to survive. This again is a story about the struggle between good and evil with a slight twist at the end about the nature of man.

A lot of the reviews have said the fourth story is their least favorite. I think I liked it the most because the characters were well-developed and you can feel the desperation in their struggles to survive. Evil turns out to be represented by the ugly refuse of the desperate, while Good is represented by a man who tries to save the people on the streets by taking the fight to Evil. The good man's identity is not known, but there are hints as to who he may be.

Excellent stories and an easy-to-read writing style by someone who is a very good writer make this a collection of stories that is definitely worth the time to read.
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