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Reviewed in the United States on August 26, 2017
I loved the first book. Read it three times so far. I was scared, but hopeful that this second entry wouldn't disappoint. It wouldn't be the first time I loved the first book in a series, just to see it go downhill. I am so pleased to say that this book is every bit as great as the first one, and maybe better!

How effortlessly it builds upon the mythology is something to behold. The amount of back and future story that interweaves into the current plot can make my head spin. To be blunt, this series is not for the casual. It requires effort to keep it all straight. If the story was even a four star quality book I might not have kept looking up the Glossary to make sure I had the right person or term straight. Yet this book is so good that I gladly did it.

The biggest drawback of this book is same as the last book. Mr. Islington does a lot of telling instead of showing. Way to many times he tells you what a person is feeling instead of letting the characters actions show you their feelings. A lot of young authors do this. They do not trust that the audience will get it unless they spell it out. If he can get better at this one thing I think he will stand shoulder to shoulder with the greats.

I am giving this book some extra credit. There is so much more I need explained about back and future story moments that the third book will really show if this is to go down as one of the greatest works in fantasy of all time. So far I would say it is two for two!

This book sheds some light on the first making that one a better book. Some truly great twist happen. Simply put I cannot wait to read it again... and again. I truly hope this series finds a larger audience. It deserves the attention of a Mistborn or a Game of Thrones.

PS. If you have any questions or comments on my review, or if you just want to discuss how awesome this book is feel free to hit me up in the comments.
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