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Reviewed in the United States on February 1, 2021
The movie that answers the question "Whatever happened to Jennifer Beals?"
The plot is somewhat interesting, but the film is not very well written. The viewer catches on pretty quickly that this is a gaslighting situation, and by the time the deep dark secret is revealed, it's not much of a surprise. There are a few minor plot holes that don't really matter much. The happy ending leaves some plot threads hanging, such as, the house was about to be foreclosed and she lost her job - how was this magically fixed? But the real mystery is why a smart, talented architect working for a top firm put up with a layabout has-been musician husband not contributing a dime to the family income for years. I suppose it's a tribute to the actor playing the husband that I disliked the character immediately.
This is a good movie to watch while you cook dinner and wash the dishes ... or refinish furniture ... or do other chores that leave your brain half-unoccupied.
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