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Reviewed in the United States on May 12, 2018
I ordered six of these cards for my daughters teachers for teachers appreciation week. They arrived on time but apparently they were not activated by Amazon!
Just imagine you gift this card to somebody and when they try to redeem it states the balance on this is zero dollars! How embarrassing!!
I’m glad I checked with one of the teachers to see if it worked because it was a large amount $250 Creekwood nyrinyted by all the students’ parents and she said that the card was invalid!! The other teachers might have even found it awkward to tell us that the card was blank. It was a gift after all !
I called amazon customer service and ask them to activate these cards. They told me that they need to have the teachers call them directly with claim codes so they can apply the balance to their individual accounts.
Amazon was not able to activate them on their end without each person I gifted it to calling them. It was really a bad experience - first by giving somebody a gift card that was blank and then having them deal with the customer service themselves to get the money they were gifted. I am really really embarrassed and extremely unhappy with the experience. please please please do not make a fool of yourself by getting these!!
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