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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on August 1, 2016
One super read. Spoiler alert.

This one starts with helicopter a trip to Martha's Vineyard. To Chilmark House which is on the Southwest part of Martha's Vineyard. The man in the helicopter owns the house which is being used by the POTUS.

On arrival the man is escorted through security and meets with the POTUS. He and the POTUS were at Harvard twenty five years ago. The man, knows the POTUS quite well. He has also been assisting him with his belief that he can serve another term. His third or fourth. The CIC thinks this man, John Morgan, is working with him. Nothing could be further from the truth. Morgan will be telling his group, the Loyal Nine exactly what's going on and what he expects will happen. The Brahmin Nine are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

In the Ukraine an ex US Navy SEAL is meeting with a man named Biletsky who runs the anti Russian faction of the country. Biletsky isn't a trusting sort and the SEAL, call sign Nomad, knows it will take some time to convince him to go along with the plan. A plan that will work to perfection.

At the Harvard Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, MA, Professor Henry Winthrop Sargent IV is teaching the last class of the semester. Sargent is also one of the Loyal Nine as is his brother Nomad. He and his brother Steve are the godson's of John Morgan.

Donald Quinn, is also part of the Loyal Nine served a sentence for another. A fact that has him living on easy street right now. Quinn is a man with the accounting know how to make any one believe anything he wants them to. He's also a member of the Loyal Nine.

So begins one damned fine read.

This one has Sargent called Sarge, his brother Steve the ex Navy SEAL, Quinn, Susan his wife, Julia a long time friend with benefits of Sarge's, Julia is a reporter and will land a job in the WH, a job where she will be in the know, Andrew Lau and his cyber hackers a group called Zero Day Gamers, the house on Tremont Street that is more than just a house, Senator Abigail Morgan, another of the Loyal Nine, her father John Morgan who leads the Loyal Nine, a John Morgan who knows what is going to happen, a Morgan who has taken steps to insure the survival of the Nine, the Nine who will bring the fight to the WH and the idiot who is the current CIC, Malcolm Lowe, his assistant, Walter Cabot, Hancock, Tudor, Warren, Bradlee, Crowinshield, Winthrop, Endicott, Peabody, Sargent, Adams and Morgan are all members of the Loyal Nine, they are also direct decendents of the Founding Fathers, Katherine O'Shea Nomads frequent bed partner and a woman he could love, Katie worked for Naval Intelligence while Steve was a Navy SEAL, a trip to Lausanne, Switzerland for Nomad, Slash, Bugs and Sharpie team Aegis, a team who works for the Loyal Nine and John Morgan, a team with a mission to kill ISIS jihadists who are there to kill those in the conference, jihadists that turn out to be Mossad, not jihadists, watchers who the team kill, Dr. John Joseph Warren, JJ to his friends, ex Army Major and a doctor, the culinary union, a blackout in Las Vegas, a Sarge and Julia who view it firsthand, death, destruction, the gamers who are responsible for the blackout, a mall where black lives matter riot, a long list of events to bring the country down and the Loyal nine who will survive and to their best to survive and hopefully save as many as they can.

Five Stars. Super read.
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