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Reviewed in the United States on December 20, 2019
Having read reviews for these socks, some comments state that they are small. That is the point. Though they are snug, it is that lack of bulk that helps keep blisters at bay. I will not say they are perfect, but they are the best I found so far. They do tend to display loose threads on the inside, but that does not deter from their performance in my opinion. In fact, I tend to wear all of my socks inside-out since, for some unknown reason, socks are usually softer on the outside than the inside. That, alone, can solve friction on one's foot. I like that they are light, tight, and they wick away moisture as they advertise. They are not so tight as to cause a mark on my ankle. They do not slip, but they also provide no padding if that is what you seek. Padding is not a loss if you are wearing these for blister protection. I find the bulkier the socks, the more blisters I receive. I like these very much.
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