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Reviewed in the United States on September 15, 2021
This book made me very emotional.
I should have been expecting it because, well, it’s Melissa Foster, but she blindsided me again. I can take all the emotions when I know there’s an HEA coming. And Ms. Foster never disappoints!
This feeling of family, of real friendship, of sticking up and showing up for one another, and loving unconditionally in Melissa's books never fails to amaze me. Or to make me yearn for it. Every. Single. Time.
Running on Diesel was no exception. There is so much love flowing through the pages it is sure to warm your heart.
Diesel is growly and guarded. He doesn’t talk much, is imposing, and protective. He seems standoffish and keeps mostly to himself. And he’s protecting Tracey, while also getting on her nerves because she is her own woman.
Tracey’s a survivor, and she doesn’t take his shielding easily. I love how feisty Tracey is, and how she gives as good as she gets. I love that she doesn’t let him off the hook, and that she doesn’t back down.
He’s working as a bartender, and she’s waitressing at Whiskey Bro’s. There is so much tension between the two of them from the get-go, and so much chemistry. It’s not a spark, it’s a forest fire waiting to happen. It’s a wonder how they didn’t burn the bar down with it.
It takes something happening to her to get them moving in the right direction: toward each other, of course. Once they get it on, it’s explosive. I think this is Melissa’s hottest couple so far.
More than physical, their connection is soul-deep. They both have baggage, scars, and sadness in their past. They need each other more than they realize it.
Diesel has always felt the call of the open road because he’s been missing a home. Tracey has found a home in town, and friends, but her heart has been missing a piece. She is his home, and he is the piece she was missing. They can take on any road together.
Melissa Foster has knocked it out of the park again with Running On Diesel. I absolutely loved it!
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