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Reviewed in the United States on October 17, 2017
**I need to start by stating that I'm using this product along with the Focus Factor Kids chewables..

This product used alongside the Focus Factor Kids have been a game changer. I can honestly say that I noticed a difference in the first day. I gave them to my 10 year old before school and when I picked him up, I asked him if he noticed any difference? He said he did! I also realize that he's a 10 year old boy and may not completely be able to tell if he actually felt different or just because he knew he took something. But later that afternoon and in to the evening I could tell things were different, no melt downs, completing his homework and even had better manners. I know some people might not believe it or have had the same results but for us, this combo has worked. We are a few days in and I will update again after a week or so. I should add that he doesn't have any diagnosed issues but as his mom I feel that he is a little high strung at times, has major meltdowns at the drop of a hat and has trouble focusing on task at school and at home.

Oh and.... I never write reviews, I read them a lot to help when making purchases but I haven't ever felt the need to actually give my honest opinion on a product.... until now.
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