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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 25, 2021
At 9% when the mother's response to the man who orchestrated the bullying campaign, the financial ruin, the isolation, and eventual kidnapping and waterboarding torture of her child was a slap to the face and a nipple twist of said male, followed by a passionate kiss, I WAS DONE. When an author thinks it is cute for a mother to forgive the man who was responsible for the torture of her child, but kills by castration a man who' only fault was failing to stop it but wasn't the man who actually did torture her kid, I think there are some serious issues behind the message that puts out to readers.

IT IS NOT OKAY; IT IS NOT CUTE OR SEXY. Once again this is just an example of how unrealistic, to the point of ridiculous the characters' responses are. It is the prime example of that in fact. A normal response from a mother -- no matter her past history with the abuser (actually probably more violent given the sacrifices she made for said scumbag male) -- would be an all out knock-down drag-out brawl in which any truly caring mother would try to cause great bodily, nay mortal bodily damage, if not out-right kill the abuser of her child. Anything else is drivel that excuses the abuse of women and children. Honestly the author should be ashamed. This excuses and in fact rather glorifies the abuse and premeditated kidnap and torture of teenage women, and makes it look romantic for the mother to let it slide with a few harsh words and a slap across the face, when prison or death are the only appropriate punishments for such action. There IS NO EXCUSE. NONE. for what was done to this girl.

So unless you're just okay with mom having a lackluster and ridiculous response to the bullying, financial destitution, kidnapping and torture of her child -- resuming her affair with the monster that tortured her young adult daughter -- I'd skip this crap.
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