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Reviewed in the United States on August 7, 2018
First, kudos on the format of each chapter; I found it easier to remember what I had read by simply reading the chapter completely. Each topic is introduced, then expanded, and finally Mr. Collins provides his readers with a list of important notions in each chapter - one bullet at a time; I really liked this since I got into the habit of reading chapters during different times of the day and then around bedtime I would read the bullet section as a quick reminder of what I should have learned.

I would recommend to the author that he should add a small section after his explanation of taking the necessary time to recuperate mentally to explain the difference between such activities and procrastination. As he mentions procrastination is never completely eliminated, I think that it's important to not let something like meditation become something used to procrastinate. For instance, I like to take little breaks to watch an episode from an old TV show like Seinfeld, because I find that the distraction and the no pressure activity helps me find solutions to problems rather than worrying about them to no end; however, sometimes I just continue watching three or four episodes when it was actually time to move on to something else. I'm working on it!

Thank you for writing this book! Cheers!
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