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Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2020
Susan Mallery brings all the feels with Sisters by Choice. I'm in love with this book. I love how each of the ladies go through so much change and get stronger from it. Sophie you just feel for her as she is starting all over back in her home town. She has her family around her but it's both for the good and well not exactly bad but close too it. You will see what I mean as you read this one because I'm not going to say more on it. I love how she changes from the control freak workaholic to an almost more relaxed and balanced person. She has a lot of help along the way with this one and you will just love Dugan for her. Then there is Kristine. She is this fabulous mom who is just trying to add more to her life. The struggle she goes through you feel in your heart. You want to yell and scream at her husband Jaxsen at times too. You get the whole picture as you read on and I love how Susan Mallery gives you the full picture slowly. You will just love how everything comes together. Lets not forget. Heather and her mother Amber. You just want to take Heather in your arms and tell her it is okay to go. I love the changes in Heather and with the support from Kristine and Sophie she grows so much. Amber you just want to say grow up already. But I think most of us can relate to knowing someone like Amber from somewhere. This book is all family and the trials of the ups and downs. The support and the bond these ladies have is truly amazing. I loved this book so much and couldn't put it down. I love everything Susan Mallery throws at us.
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