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Reviewed in the United States on October 11, 2017
This is Waaaaay better than I thought it would be! The story line is coherent. Even as the night wears on and things get slightly disjointed, they do so within the framework of a bunch of people getting progressively drunk. The acting is amazingly natural; the groom had me by the heart from the get-go. Just the right amount of timely truth-telling and deus ex machina, because those things have been known to happen in real life, too. I would willingly watch more films by this writer, director, and cast. It just dawned on me what this is! This movie is homemade wedding cake. When I was growing up in the early 70's, my mom baked & decorated the wedding cakes for all the young brides in our church. White cake, white frosting with almond flavoring (recipe straight out of the Wilton diy book) and usually blue or yellow frosting roses covering the places where the frosting didn't smooth out perfectly. I was in my twenties before I attended a wedding with a high-end bakery-bought cake and gagged audibly on my first bite of the horrible, supposedly lemon flavored, bread-like cake with the from-a-bucket metallic vanilla whipped cream type coating! Sure the piping was ultra chic black and topper was a set of clear lucite artsy birds, but it all reeked of over-production! That would be, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," now that I've seen, "Breakup at a Wedding"!
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