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Reviewed in the United States on June 6, 2018
My 3yo loves this book. I thought it was going to be one of those books I read her once and she never wanted to see again, and I bought it anyway because I thought it was an important lesson. But the illustrations are so much fun, she has me read it to her all the time. So much so that I am beginning to tire of it. She likes being asked to explain each page. It doesn’t seem to have had any impact on her behavior yet, but time will tell.

There are three pages I have trouble with:
-The page with the story reader at the library is confusing for her, because the story readers at our library encourage interactivity. I turn it into a lesson on interrupting, rather than just talking during storytime, as it is presented.
-The page about running onto the field AFTER a football game shows a what-if-everybody running onto the field DURING a football game. I crossed out "after" and wrote in "during".
-The page on snowball fights paints all snowball fights as bad. But snowball fights were a cherished part of my childhood. I turn it into a lesson on consent. "I threw just one snowball at Sammy without asking him." Maybe once she is in school, I will go with the inappropriateness of snowball fights at school.
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