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Reviewed in the United States on July 20, 2018
Hard to even know where to begin! Absolutely LOVED the tales of Wayside School growing up from the missing floor to three Eric's to Mrs. Jewl's crazy experiments, and I feel like its incredibly humorous satire played a very fundamental role in developing me into the sarcastic man-child my family and friends know me as today! (My wife is a big fan of the books as well but maybe not so much on what she's now left dealing with in a husband)

These books were some of the very few I repeatedly checked out of the school library because they were always worth a re-read. The best part about them is the layers in the simple yet chaotic stories that reveal themselves in different forms as you grow older! I found my way back to this set recently when I decided it was time for my 8-year old niece (who is starting to discover her own passion for reading) to get her first exposure to the amazingness these stories offer up! And in a proud Uncle moment, she literally was nose deep in the first book of the set as quickly as she woke up the next morning, already telling her parents how much shes loves it!! The funny thing is, buying this set invoked so many nostalgic feelings in me that I almost didn't want to give it to her! Could not be happier though knowing that I could bring a whole new generation into the crazy world of Sachar and excited to borrow these once my niece is done!
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