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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 15, 2021
How many horrors can a person conjer up? The list is endless and, if you read this collection, can be almost anything a haunted mind can imagine. Here you'll find giant cockroaches, dark amorphous shapes that seek you out wherever you run, teenaged girls who become invisible just to make friends and a number of other demonic entities. To add even more nightmare to this excellent collection, many of the main characters are kids. There is something especially chilling about terrors involving kids.
I never grow tired of these Scare Street anthologies. They are always fresh and introduce the reader to new and upcoming writing talent. Want some icing on this already sweet cake, the final entry, as always, is from the incredibly talented Ron Ripley and features his distinctive character, Jimmy Hsu.
Do yourself a favor and get this book. Better still, get the entire collection.
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