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Reviewed in the United States on April 20, 2018
This is Michael Connelly’s 30th book. He introduces a new character---a young VERY independent woman raised on Maui in the Hawai’ian Islands. Since Hawai’i is my home I read it with caution. I’ll just say that he doesn’t have a clue about writing about what it means to be Hawai’ian OR a woman.
“The Late Show” is the term for the detectives who work the midnight shift so they pick up all sorts of cases...except they then have to turn them over to other task forces...but not this female detective!!

As a woman I am REALLY tired of crime procedurals that put women in harm’s way. Rape, torture and kept locked be raped over and over. Connnelly uses this premise a LOT! As a woman who has dealt with sexual harassment/sexual assault in my life I don’t need to read about women stripped naked and tied to chairs and tortured, then killed. 30 books. And I couldn’t tell you the differences in plots.

AND a woman who sleeps in a tent each day by the beach each day?--that would be horrifically hot. I can’t even sleep on my sailboat after the sun comes up. And the danger is just too much. Plus in this day of superbugs (diseases that don’t respond to infection) how can she have casual sex with the lifeguards? Naah--this is crazy.

Connelly is a GREAT author..but I’m sick of torture and murder and CRAZY people who love killing people!
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