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Reviewed in the United States on December 1, 2019
•••NOT for the homophobic, transphobic, closedminded, or faint of heart!•••

This series must be read in order. The first book is "Bayou Born". The second book is "Bone Driven". This is the third book. I can't wait to read "Rise Against"!

Luce has her work cut out for her. She needs to repair the damage to her house done by Famine and her minions... And that is the least of her problems. She needs her Father to come out of his coma... She needs to figure out when and where Death will Breach. She needs to find Famine and out her down for good. Everything seems so massive she doesn't know where to start. Can she keep Death from Breaching? Will she be able to win Death to her side when and if she Breaches? Can she totally win the trust of her Coterie? Can she trust her "partner"? Or is she all alone in this world without an ally in sight not bound to her?
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4.6 out of 5
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