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Reviewed in the United States on May 25, 2021
All the elements are there to make a truly amazing series. The actors. The sets. The budget. I don't know who directed or produced but from the cinematography and flow of the movie I can't imagine it was by some no-name production crew. So this series had everything going for it.

Unfortunately every episode left me deeply unsatisfied. I just felt like either I was forced to watch a bunch of people's recollection of deeply painful moments in their lives for barely discernible purpose to the plot or I was stuck in a poor man's Twilight Zone. The philosophical themes that intended to evoke deep thought and strong emotion were unfortunately a wading pool not an ocean. Overused themes and ideas were combined with admittedly novel circumstances to produce gas station coffee instead of french press perfection.

The last episode was especially egregious. Two great actors who absolutely did not behave according to how real people would behave in the situation depicted. The victim of the old man's crimes would have done just about anything other what he ended up doing in the end. Not only was it unrealistic but it was deeply unsatisfying. Like someone caught in an obvious lie, this anthology was about inauthentic as it gets.

There were a few good moments, a few funny ones, so it's not a 100% loss. On a technical level it was done just right. No cringe moments from poor special effects or wooden deliveries. The actors were top notch. The dialogue, while inauthentic, was delivered with as much skill as could be expected.

Regardless, do yourself a favor and miss this one. Bad cinema must be allowed to lie fallow so that good cinema can thrive. This needs to become compost for the next masterpiece... hopefully very quietly and without fuss.
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