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Reviewed in the United States on June 28, 2021
So I had to read this book twice because I was so into the book the first time I forgot to take notes. I love that this book isn't an instalove story. Instead, you see the effort to court and the trust start to build between the characters.

I love how the author included a map of her created world before the story took place.

Cait is in Australia as a nanny, a world traveler. She is a free-spirited girl with pain and a past she is trying to hide from. As she is enjoying the beach, a pinch and mark suddenly appear on her wrist. She is approached by an unknown man. Things don't start out well for them. After an intense interaction, she consults her bestie about the new mark on her wrist. Cait is human. Embry her long-time besties, who she hasn't met in person, isn't, but she doesn't know that yet. After a strange conversation, Embry instructs Cait to come back to America and to her in Texas. When she arrives and finally sees Embry in person, her mystery man from Australia shows up too and not so welcoming. We find out his name is Roman. He is a wolf shifter and Alpha of the East Texas Pack. Roman gets an earful, and his parents include past info about a Luna Marked. Things get interesting for Cait and Roman( I won't reveal all you have to read this one for yourself).

The story evolves from there to include some funny, sexy, and charismatic moments. Caits human life is changed, but what will it mean to be dropped into Romans paranormal world. How will she come to terms with and embrace the new path life has taken. This book is slightly different from the wolf shifter books I usually read. Still, I have enjoyed the surprise and folklore they included in this story. The relationship is sweet, charming, and sexy between the main characters, and I loved reading the interactions. She, unfortunately, makes a decision that leaves the reader stunned and only fed the surprises to come. Wow, this book was exciting and full of surprises, but it ends on a massive cliffhanger.

The author did a great job incorporating her character's personality and struggles into the story. It is easy for the reader to see the struggles that Cait is having and the protective instincts of Roman as an Alpha to his pack and as a mate. Unfortunately, the answers to what she is slow to come in this story, and I definitely look forward to reading the next one.
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