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Reviewed in the United States on July 1, 2019
I pre ordered it and had it delivered on release day. Interestingly it took another week before I could write a review.
Packaging: good, well thought out and easy to open.
Power brick: I am not sure about this yet. The latest form factor for Amazon power bricks is a bit big & square with a hardwired pigtail that means they cannot be extended and the power brick itself is a bit of a large brick. However this is probably due to a universal form factor requirement to allow the power plug prongs for different countries to fit into the same brick. It works but... one good thing is no. Ore usb plug sticking out the front making it ridiculously deep and stick out from the wall too much.
Show unit: I plugged it in and the very first thing it did after I connected it to the internet was download new software. So I guess there were bugs in the release software. It took about 10 minutes overall but nothing hiccuped and it went just fine from there.
It has a pretty good screen resolution, I use it to view my Ring doorbell and it does that nicely, so resolution is sufficient. I cannot see anyone happily watching any videos for any length of time on it as it is just too small for that really.
I am still playing with the settings, I have it showing a clock and the weather, although the weather is a bit more primitive than I expected, it just shows temperature and a cloud or sun symbol, I was hoping for a bit more and maybe to access a weathe r radar app, but I need to do more app research (any hints anyone?)
The Alexa app is disappointingly basic for using to set the device settings, I thought it Luis be much more comprehensive, but you have to do almost all of it in the device, which as a bit of a lag on the touch screen. This I am sure can be improved with future software updates though.
Overall it is what I expected, I have not reached its full potential yet and need to delve deeper into its settings and options, but as a simple bedside device it works pretty well.
I hope I will be able to learn more about what I can get it to do.
If you get one you will probably not be disappointed, just don’t expect it to do everything that a smartphone or tablet can do and you will be happy.
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