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Reviewed in the United States on August 2, 2020
Maybe it should be 5 stars. Elizabeth George refuses to put stars.on her re views of a book. Maybe I should do that. I really truly liked, maybe loved, this book. Adored all the people , from our plucky, bordering on mental, heroine to the injured but lovable 5 and 7 year old boys, Nadler and John, sons of Oscer, one of the plethora of suitors of Casey, the anxious protagonist. As her shrink points out, she has plenty to be nervous about: will the novel she has been writing for six years sell, which guy should she choose, will she ever get out from under her massive student debt, is she going to be fired while on Animal House--double probation. ... And on and on. The journey through the minefields and the energy pushing that process are a great, one just must let go and let it happen. Read it in one session. It felt much shorter than it is. For a novel that is very much an interior book about loss and love and the messy
activity of creating a novel, the book surprises you and reads at an astonish hyper-pace of a serial killer page turner.
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