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Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2017
If I could have given this book 10 stars I would have. If you have ever experienced owning a dog, you will want to read this book. Anne is like the axil of a wheel with Dan, a recent widower, Lindsay his 17 year old daughter (who sees everything as black or white like all 17 year olds), Andrea a recently divorced lady, Marco the obnoxious bully who is Andrea's X and of course Anne. Simply put Anne was Dan and Lindsey's dog who was stolen from their front yard while patiently waiting for Dan's dead wife to come home. Andrea saved Anne from a terrible situation by the frat boys who stole her. Dan and Lindsey looked tirelessly for Anne and had finally given up hope of ever finding her. Anne was the one who gave Andrea a reason to become happy again after she rescued her from the frat boys and Marco dumped her than wanted her back and literally stalked her. Anne is a dog who is loved unconditionally by Andrea and also by Dan and Lindsey, who morn her since she was stolen. I have loved and lost a collie as a child, a lab as a young adult, 2 poodles 1 raised with my two girls and 1 who was my empty nest best friend. I now have another poodle who is spoiled rotten by my husband and myself being our retirement child/dog. I hate reviews that literally tell me so much about the book that I don't read it as I like to not know where a story is going to take me and how it ends. I will not go into any more detail about HELLO LOVE other than to say that after you finish this book you will put it away with a smile on your face and if you have a dog, you will give it a big hug and a treat.
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