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Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2020
Very unhappy, shocked actually, that Brit Bennet chose to base half of her novel on perpetuating a racist fallacy. The plot had promise, but something spoiled it. Twins live in a community of fair-skinned Black people, the only kind of residents of this village. As the twins got older they ran away to different lives, one chose to pass for white, the other married a Black man. This is where the problem begins. The latter married a Black man who was very dark. Her mother had told her never to do this because a darker-skinned man would beat her up, reason being he'd be jealous of her fair skin. Spoiler: He beats her up. Just not a good novel. I hoped it would resolve the blatant color racism, but sadly it never did. You know, I am aware that the author is Black, but as How to Be an Antiracist says, Colorism is a form of prejudice by White and Black people causing inequality between Dark and Light people. Not a good read.
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