Customer Review

Reviewed in the United States on March 23, 2019
This product didn’t bounce at all. It was a sore disappointment to my kids. They waited patiently for a week for it to arrive. Although my six-month-year-old seemed to enjoy it. It didn’t matter how hard I threw it didn’t bounce. It’s not durable you either, it broke on my second throw.

Stuffing smells good though. I use it in my car as a air freshener and in my diaper basket but you have to use a few of them. I gave a few of them to a guy at work I like but I don’t know if he used them in his car or not. A coworker suggested i use them in my laundry dryer but only my six month year-old seems to enjoy it. It still doesn’t bounce just kind of slides around. It’s just too hard to hold her for a full cycle so she can enjoy it fully. She gets the same enjoyment from a sock. Overall it’s OK I got my moneys worth.
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