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Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2020
Feels Like Family: A Sweet Magnolias Novel, Book 3 is by Sherryl Woods. This series is about three ladies in Serenity who call themselves the Sweet Magnolias. They have known each other almost all their lives. They care about each other as if they were sisters and they care greatly ab out their home of Serenity. Dana Sue owns and runs Sullivan’s restaurant. The three of them, Helen, Maddie, and Dana Sue own and run The Corner Spa, a gym and spa they built out of necessity as the only other gym in town was a dingy man’s gym. Women needed a clean place to exercise, thus The Corner Spa. Although built for women, it does include men too. Maddie runs the spa. Helen is a lawyer and has her own firm in town. She helps the other two out when they need it. This particular book is about Helen.
Helen is a workaholic and is obsessive with her life. She had lists of things to do and then lists of how to do things. It organizes her and works for her life. She is a divorce lawyer and loves helping her clients get the best deals in their divorces. This last divorce leads to a very upset man who tried to cheat his wife out of her fair share and gets extremely upset at Helen when she catches him in his cheating attempt. Even his own lawyer isn’t sure what he might do. Helen’s friends gather round to help protect her from him if he should do anything.
Meanwhile, Maddie and Dana Sue are attempting matchmaking between Helen and Erik, the chef at Sullivan’s. Neither Helen nor Erik are looking for a relationship, much less romance. However, Erik is protective of Helen and Helen isn’t immune to his looks. Helen is also thinking of having a baby and ringing it up on her own. She is just thinking about it; but her involvement with an employee of Sullivan’s, Karen, leads to her keeping Karen’s two children for several months while Karen gets her life straightened out. After keeping the kids, Helen decides she is definitely going to have a baby. Now to find the father.
The book is filled with the antics of the three women and the rest of the characters in Serenity. All the problems and hilarious events that occur in a family, occur in Serenity and the three women are usually in the middle of the excitement.
The book is a great escape into another world. Sherryl makes you want to travel to Serenity and meet the characters.
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