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Reviewed in the United States on July 27, 2017
An enjoyable and exciting read! A weird ensemble of interesting characters form a "family" in a fantasy world that has been created by the author with care and passion. Intrigue, mystery, romance and some pretty gruesome action will keep you entwined in the story and won't let you go. I pre-ordered months ago and just received the book on Tuesday, I finished it late Wednesday night (not bad for 377 pages!).The main character, Sorina, is both heroic and flawed, painfully growing up quickly in a world that is crumbling around her. Foody has crafted a character that you can empathize with and root for as you (the reader) can see and understand things before the character realizes them. And yet, in the end you will be as surprised and shocked as she becomes. A very well-written first novel from an up and coming young author. If she keeps this up I don't think she will be working in tax accountancy too long! Go visit Go visit Gomorrah! Yet be careful, it's a dangerous place with a long history....
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