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Reviewed in the United States on July 4, 2018
I often think about what I'd need if I had a time machine and wanted to go back to , say, London in the 1800s. Here's my short list: Penicillin and medical supplies. A Kindle with reference books and important knowledge (such as plans for the time machine if it disappears and I need to rebuild it.) Power banks and solar panels. Lighting. Firestarter. Weapon and ammunition. Gold coins. Water purification. Hand sanitizer. And Clorox wipes.

People back then were dropping like flies from dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and any number of communicable and infectious horrors. So if I'm time traveling, I definitely need some value packs of Clorox wipes---the good thing about them is that they're extremely wet, as in, there's extra liquid at the bottom of the container, which suits me fine because I'm going to have to wipe down literally all of London.

Back here in the present day, I find that Clorox wipes are great for Round 1 of bathroom cleaning. Unfortunately, while they're great for sanitizing, they don't grip dust well, and just push it around in clumps, which is why there's a Round 2 of cleaning. It's not like the TV commercials where they easily wipe the sink and leave it sparkling in one pass. Wet dust clumps everywhere.... They should make the wipes more like a Swiffer texture so that they trap now-wet dust a little better.

Ah well, time to get to back to packing my time machine for my upcoming trip 2 months ago.
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