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Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2021
Guardian’s Grace is the twelfth book in this series. While I loved the leading man, I struggled with the leading lady.

Grace drove me insane. I've never liked how she has treated Adare since they were introduced in an earlier book. The yummy man did a selfless act that SAVED her life. I get that he did it in a way she didn’t consent to, but the end result was the same and because of the circumstances she was unable to agree. Grace should have at least been nice about it, or shown a small amount of gratitude. Instead she left and then kept information from everyone that she should have shared. Grace lied to Adare, she lied to her sister Faith and she lied to everyone else. Instead of appearing as a strong and independent woman, Grace is portrayed as a difficult and naive brat! She made so many selfish decisions that went against what everyone had asked. She constantly put herself and others in danger. She should have realized how stubborn and juvenile she was acting, but she went right ahead and did what she wanted regardless of the consequences. UGH, she made me mad! Grace's behavior and attitude seriously effected my feelings toward this book, and is the sole reason for 4 stars instead of 5.

Now Adare I adored. He was all broody and protective and determined to give his life for what he believed in. He was stubborn at times and refused to see that other options could be possible. However, he had his reasons and every decision he made was to keep Grace safe. He never thought about himself or how lonely he was. Adare only wanted Grace secure and out of harm's way. There was a lot of action in this story because there were a lot of times Grace got herself in trouble and he and the others had to rescue her.

I saw the play Jacki was making from the beginning, but I was left wondering what happened there. The other deception has to do with the continuing back story and I’m hoping there is some blood spilt there.

Benny is a fun character and I am excited to read his book next.
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