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Reviewed in the United States on October 13, 2010
I think of learning about speeches back in college. It is generally accepted that the principle purpose of a speech will usually fall into one of four basic types: Informative, Demonstrative, Persuasive, and Entertaining. Of course, many times, there is also some overlap.

Listening to David McCullough in this lecture was certainly "persuasive." He gets you to love history and to want to read about it. And he did just that. The subject matter concerning the founding fathers was simply his medium to do that, although quite interesting and also informative!

I went on from this lecture to reading three of his books so far, all on Audio CD. These were "Truman" and "John Adams," and "The Johnstown Flood." I have already bought "The Great Bridge" and I am trying to make time to read it in the midst of all else I am doing.

He is truly enjoyable! I am glad I picked up some of the lifetime fascination he has had with history. I hope to continue!
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