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Reviewed in the United States on January 9, 2020
I'm relatively certain that few picked up on the subtext woven throughout this film. But it's rather simple. Just substitute Nazi for Hydra, and CIA for SHIELD, and you've got the message the filmmakers are trying to get through to the public. It all fits. Especially Operation Paperclip at the end of WWII, which brought over some of the very worst Nazis of the war to work on "American" projects. Of course, these Nazis brought not only their technical expertise, but the worst of their Nazi philosophy. And unfortunately, they fit in quite nicely with all the super wealthy Americans who had in fact financed the Nazis from day-one. So it wasn't as though these Fascists were coming to a country that didn't welcome them with open arms. All this is childishly simple to verify; just do the research and you'll find all the answers. Just make damned sure you're not logged on to one of the Nazi sympathizers websites and you'll get the answers you need. That might require a bit of deeper research, but it's not impossible.
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