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Reviewed in the United States on January 5, 2020
I expect to suspend disbelief in order to read this type of literature... Author delivers on number of counts with tight writing, interesting characters, no nonsense premise and stark realism in describing people in that most peculiar of professions. While it's more of sketch of a book than an actual one, one mistake at the end made me see red... Tough guys in Zagreb down shots of pear brandy.... say WHAT? Anyone who has been there or talked to anyone who was there knows that no tough guy would be caught dead drinking pear brandy. The only thing that comes even close to the translation of the drink is "kruskovac" a sweet concoction made from pears that is drink for girls (Actually WAS in those less enlighten times.... they do not call those "girly" drinks anymore). Since book was not officially released and drink is prominently mentioned number of times, do yourself a favor and check out šljivovica - clear "rakija" or "schnaps" distilled from PLUMS at 80-120 proof that will knock you on your ass and give you the most memorable hangover of your life. The real stuff was never exported because it contained too much methanol for internationally regulated trade but its still made in copious quantities and drunk by tough guys....Generals (Retired and active), Soldiers, Thugs, and ordinary bums and alcoholics...
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