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Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2020
I bought this to jazz up my coffee in the morning. I’m not a huge coffee fan but need it to get me moving in the morning so I got this so I’m able to enjoy my coffee more and it definitely serves its purpose. I also warmed up some hot milk and added some hazelnut syrup to it and used this to froth it and it was SO INCREDIBLY delicious! (Look up frothed hazelnut milk :-) The instructions were easy to understand and I’m going to try out some of the stencils this weekend and see what I am capable of making. I didn’t realize it came with design stencils so that was an awesome added bonus and it’s something I am going to try doing with my daughter. My nine year old enjoyed using this to make her milk bubble up, as it was super easy for her to use. The stencils are also reusable and washable which is nice. And it worked so quickly! It only took 30 seconds to get the amount of frothing I wanted.
I got the red color and it goes nicely with my kitchen accents and looks good in its little holder on my counter top and sits upright for easy use. The only thing you may want to take into account is that you will need batteries (two double AAs are needed) but the price was inexpensive so I definitely got my money’s worth (and then some). The outside packaging was cute and it came quickly. No complaints!
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