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Reviewed in the United States on May 13, 2021
I purchased this laptop to use as a spare machine in my consulting practice, and also for use with my ham radio hobby. When I saw the specs on this laptop, followed by the price, I couldn't help but order one. My key requirements were size, weight, and a decent screen. This little machine fits all of those requirements in spades.

I have been more than impressed with the L210's performance and features. While it's definitely not a gaming machine, it's more than adequate for anyone that needs to do web browsing, office apps, and other non CPU- or memory-intensive tasks.

I'll start with the cons:
- 4GB RAM (non-expandable/soldered in, despite Asus page stating otherwise)
- 64GB SSD (easily expandable; I added a 500GB SSD for about $50)
- Just adequate screen resolution (1366x768) - fine for most tasks
- Non-back lit keyboard (even though the product listing says that it is backlit)
- Relatively slow, but adequate Intel Celeron CPU
- Limited USB-C support; cannot charge the laptop via USB-C and it will not support an external USB-C monitor adapter.
- Weird 10-key pad on the touch pad. Enabled via a small button on the touch pad; it's too easy to accidentally turn it on, wreaking havoc when you use the touchpad. No way to permanently disable via BIOS.
- No touch screen, but not surprising given the price point

All of the above were clearly spelled out in the product description, so none of them were a surprise. And several of them were definitely design decisions, in order to keep the cost down and the battery life high.

- Amazing battery life. I've been seeing 8-11 hours per charge in normal use
- Super lightweight and small form factor; 2.3 pounds/1.05kg and very thin
- Nice port options. Built-in HDMI, USB-C plus 2 "classic" USB ports
- Expandable hard drive via "M2" SSD stick. Took me about 5 minutes and $50 to expand storage by 500GB
- Very nice keyboard, rivaling much more expensive laptops
- Comes with Windows 10 "S mode", easily upgraded to Windows 10 Home for no charge
- Really great price. I had fully expected to have to buy an unknown branded laptop at this price point. Asus is a great brand with a history of providing good support and high-quality products.

In summary, I'm very pleased with this purchase. It fits the bill for my needs perfectly and has fantastic battery life. It weighs less than my iPad Pro with folio keyboard and runs full Windows 10, including all of the apps that I need it to run.

Of the cons listed above, only the 4GB RAM limitation and the lack of a backlit keyboard are major annoyances. That said, this machine supplies all of the functionality that I need as a backup / travel / ham radio laptop. Since I have other machines for video editing / gaming / etc, I don't need this machine for those tasks.

If you are looking for a nice little laptop for basic office tasks, this is a great choice!

(I forgot to mention that Asus is giving me a 90-day warranty extension in exchange for writing this review.)
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