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Reviewed in the United States on August 23, 2017
The book kept my interest, although it seemed unusual to read a humorous book about addiction and recovery. In my opinion, Douglas romanticized his drug use, and practically bragged about it, throughout the entire book, as if those were the "old glory days". Yet, those addiction filled days are not at all that far in the past and only ended due to his incarceration, which he referred to as a "vacation". The book was written to kill time during a prison sentence, and the ending concludes upon his release. He spouted off a lot of addiction and recovery jargon, but nothing leads me to believe he's actually in recovery or truly comprehends what it even means to be in recovery. What makes this time any different? What it seems like to me is that he needed a paycheck after his release, so he wrote a book. I also found him to be a racist with a huge ego.
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