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Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2019
I'm sure this is a good calculator, I haven't gotten too far into the functions (though there is a steep learning curve). There are a few other issues that make the product difficult to use.

1) Who thought that using light blue and green together on a black surface would be helpful? It's impossible for me to tell the difference between the two colors that represent 2nd and alpha modes. I had to use a flashlight to be able to see the colors clearly, something that you may not have access to in a classroom. Another color that contrasts better would have been good. I was able to go off of the location, blue in the upper left of a key, green in the upper right, to tell which key/mode I was looking for. Except, the off button/mode is swapped. Just really poorly thought out.

2) No backspace button is a crime. Sure, you can use the arrow keys to go back, then use the delete key to clear the character under the cursor. But a calculator that was a fraction of the price of this, actually has a backspace button.

Overall, I'm not really that impressed with this calculator. I got it for the extra memory, as it will handle larger tables than my cheaper one. But if you don't need to process large tables (40+ entries), stick with a less expensive model. This one is actually disappointing, especially considering the price. If you can't get the UI correct, what are you even doing?
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