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Reviewed in the United States on January 13, 2019
I bought these with high expectations. I had a 2600 mile road trip over the holidays and wanted new blades. For over a decade (best guess) I have bought Rain-X Latitudes for all my cars. I have absolutely no complaints about Rain-X, I just happened to see that Bosch had come up in several positive articles/reviews. I thought I would give them a try - boy was that a costly mistake. Over the course of that trip we dealt with rain (50% of the travel out and back) and snow / ice while we were there. The blades did an extremely poor job clearing/cleaning the window. The best way to describe it was that it was getting it 80% clean (at best) and leaving a layer of dirt on the window. The space in the middle of the windshield where the passenger and drivers side blade over lap was terrible. In heavy rain, it wasn't as noticeable, but after the rain let up was when it was bad. No matter how much washer fluid I used, it would not "clean" the window.

During the course of that trip I tried wiping/cleaning the blades - no difference. This morning I finally gave up. We had a light snow last night and I had to drive 1.5 hours. While there was no rain/snow coming down, just 1.5 hours on a wet/salty interstate that required a lot of cleaning. These blades are just terrible, and with the passenger side 50% or more dirty I gave up. I got home and unloaded the car and then saw old Rain-X Latitude blades laying on the workbench so I put them back on. 5 seconds of washer fluid and a couple of wipes the windshield was pristine again.

The age of these blades were 1 month on the vehicle. They are absolute junk and I believe it is safe to say that I have never owned a worse pair of blades (and paid so much). I'm hard pressed to even say that I've had an old pair of blades as bad as these - they simply don't clear / clean the windshield. Call me crazy - but when I drive I like to be able to see, these blades clearly are just bad, or I got two very defective blades. I in no way am affiliated with Rain-X, but those Latitudes while pricey are spectacular. I'm guessing the ones I took off are a year old and they are far superior to the Bosch. The only way they are 40% longer life is if the expected life is measured in hours.

Update: I reached out to Bosch for support on these windshield wipers. I was not able to get them replaced. Additionally, Bosch support never even bothered to respond (2 weeks now). The only positive was that I did discuss this with Amazon Customer Support and they offered to take the product back even thought I didn't have any of the original packaging. I then did what I should have done from the start - I ordered the Rain-X blades that I have always used in the past. Put those new blades on - worked as I anticipated they would. 5 stars to Amazon, zero to Bosch.
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