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Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2021
This is Hattie and Axl's story, which I was anxious to get to. I have really enjoyed the first two books in this series, and at the end of the last one, Axl witnessed Hattie self-harming while dancing, and that set up this story beautifully. Hattie is a dancer in Smithie's club (which is now a revue rather than straight stripping), and Axl's is one of Hawk's commandos. Nobody writes sexy and appealing badasses like KA, and Axl was no different. Also typical of a KA book, the heroine realized quickly that she was messing up royally with the hero, and she pulls her head out of her ass quickly. That said, there were a couple of major problems I had with this book.
1. Axl dated another woman while he was into Hattie, and they are still good friends. One of the first things he says to Hattie when they begin dating is that he hopes she isn't the type of woman to get jealous of women friends. Hattie also mentions later that they text a lot. Okay, first off, this is not a woman friend. This is an ex. Big difference. One of Hattie's girls even says "He's probably been inside her." I mean, ugh. It just made me uncomfortable. He even mentions another woman he's had sex with that occasionally texts him. No. Just, no.
2. Hattie has an emotionally abusive father (he called her a whore and actually backhanded her once), and she goes over to his house every night to make him dinner. Axl goes over with her, has this big epiphany that he loves his daughter and is just expressing it in an f-ed up way, and he and Hattie begin taking her dad places and spending time with him (I guess in a non-dysfunctional way?). And poof! It's all better! I'm sorry, years and years of abuse is not justifiable in any way, and a toxic relationship like that is not changed miraculously overnight. Once again, no. Just, no.
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