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Reviewed in the United States on September 19, 2020
Would not recommend even to my worst enemy. I purchased this thinking that if I had problems with my electric skateboard it would cover the problems. Apparently I was wrong, when I went to make a claim they said that due to the skateboard having a manufacturer warranty (This warranty was 5 years and only covered the bare minimum) they could not honor my protection plan. After taking the contract to my lawyer that they provided to me, she said that this for of service is clearly listed as part of this agreement and dening the claim due to multiple coverages was not part of the prior agreement. So then going back to Asurion with this information they still said that they couldn’t do anything at all. Luckily Amazon is an amazing company when it comes to customer service, they were able to refund this rather crappy service and help me get my board fixed. So long story short, this service plan will not do anything, if you call they will make every excuse possible to say that it is not covered. If you like spending money on a fake insurance plan go ahead but even the people I dislike the most I wouldn’t tell to buy this plan. To make matters worse I had written this review previously and they fought me about it until they got Amazon to take it down so people would not see that they do not hold up to their side of this protection plan. Further more this insurance will more than likely land you going down a rabbit hole of bad customer service and no money back. I have tried everything including submitting a claim to the better business bureau bbb and finally after what I clocked after thinking it was taking an excessive amount of time calling different people they refunded some of the cost. Long story short I beg you to not buy this product for any reason, you will have better luck with digging a hole putting the money you were going to spend on this plan and burry it, at least that way when you have a problem you have that money in a hole and not with this vacuum of an issuance plan, it sucks.
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