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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on May 14, 2021
I'm half way through the book and I'm super annoyed with two aspects of the author's approach. First, he gets preachy about global warming, which is not a thing one does when one wants to engage an audience..."And just like that another climate denier is born." Can he be more condescending and dismissive?

To be frank, I believe in climate change. I believe the climate changes every three months (roughly); they're called seasons. What I don't believe in is soft science and doomsday predictions based on data that's easily manipulated by activists to say anything they want.

The second problem I have with the book so far is that it reads too much like the The Martian, but without the emotion. There's no reason to like or dislike the characters beyond the superficial aspects of their personalities. Everyone is two-dimensional. The main protagonist spends his days dodging his emotions, and every supporting character on Earth is a stereotype--without enough personality for me to care about any of them.

Maybe things will get better as I continue to read, but only if the author puts away his soapbox and get's back to story-telling.
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