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Reviewed in the United States on June 18, 2014
I have just about purchased all of the Hollywood Collection's Greatest Stars and their biographies on DVD and all of them are excellent and well worth the money that I have paid. Each biography goes into great detail about the lives of the actors from the
1940's; 1950's; and 1960's; and the producers whom produced each of the biographies such as Marilyn Monroe, Charelston
Heston; Robert Mitchem; Walter Mattheau; Jack Lemmon; Yul Brynner, Shirley Mclaine; William Holden; Burt Lancaster and
others. These were real actors whom knew how to perfect their craft and knew how to act and all of the hardships they faced
signing contracting with the big Hollywood Moguls. These DVD biographies were absolutely wonderful and would make a fine
addition to your library collection. Also there was Gregory Peck; Ingrid Bergman; and other great actors of their time. It is very
sad that the movies industry is gone and no longer has the quality actors of the time of the baby boomers and prior. I wish that
the Hollywood Collection had made more biographies about the greatest actors and perhaps they will. I am so very happy they
were shipped in a timely manner and packaged beautifully. Thank you so very much to the Hollywod Collection.
Mrs. Dione L. WilliamsCrayton, - Naperville, Illinois 60563 USA
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