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Reviewed in the United States on February 8, 2017
I read an article that said you cannot call yourself a science fiction fan if you haven't read Neuromancer. At thirty years old, i considered myself a connoisseur of sci-fi books, movies, and television, but had never read Neuromancer. Having read it now, I'm not so sure i agree with the article I read, but i can unequivocally say that if you consider yourself a sci-fi fan, you will thoroughly enjoy reading this book - it is now probably in my top ten. Particularly if you enjoy noir-ish, gritty sci-fi like Neal Stephenson, Philip K. Dick, Richard K. Morgan, you need to read this. The story and writing are fantastic - i think the biggest reason i hadn't already read the book was because it can often be painful to read future-based computer/tech-heavy sci-fi that was written three decades or more ago. The story devices can seem (as one would imagine) dated to the extent that our own technological evolution does not gel with the predictions made by the writers. This book is a notable exception. For a book that deals heavily with tech, computer programs, AI, and "cyberspace," it is insane to think this was written in 1984. You will not be disappointed - i would expect that this will become one your favorite sci-fi books, and if not, will least enjoyable serve as another feather in your cap towards readings the genre's so-called "classics."
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