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Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2017
I purchased these gift cards as part of a promotion Amazon was running. I will upload a photo of the email I received. In the email it stated "Get $15.00 Amazon credit with a $50 Amazon gift card purchase". It's the end of the school year, so I purchased 3 $50.00 gift card for my kids teachers. I figured that was a great deal for both of us, I spend $35.00 and they get $50.00 for their classroom.

Four days later I attempt to purchase a birthday present and was reminded to check on my $45.00 credit I thought I had coming. I couldn't find it, used all their "self help" links, and finally found a phone number to speak to a human and get help. First lady was wonderful, told me the reason I didn't get it was because I had purchased all three in one transaction, instead of 3. I thought that was silly so I asked for a supervisor.

The supervisor, Deo located in the Philippines, was the supervisor I was connected to. He informed me what the email really meant was ONE $15.00 credit for purchasing OVER $50.00 in gift cards. Clearly that email is open to interpretation. He said it was written in the terms and conditions...however when I tried to read them for myself I was sent to a different screen (picture attached). I asked to speak with his supervisor, to which he informed me he is the very top of the customer service center. I asked for his boss. He said he was only authorized to give me a mailing address. Dumbfounded I asked him if Amazon corporate office in Washington does not have phones or email. He said they are only allowed to contact them via their computer system.

Most of my conversation with Deo was in silence. I'm assuming he was typing up everything I was saying for amazon's records. 54 minutes into my conversation the line disconnected and they never called back. I called back to get amazon's address and was surprisingly connected to a customer service rep who worked in the same department as Deo. He spoke with Deo (who was unable to speak with me since he was busy with another customer). The new customer service rep, Ian, could not have been kinder and more professional. I felt like he was actually listening to my complaint verse Deo who just wanted to record every little thing I said.

Ian helped me get the contact information I needed, and also gave me the email address of where I could forward a copy of the email in question. Ian also provided me with the PO Box for Amazon Corporate Office in Seattle. Since I can not voice my compliant to Amazon corporate office directly, and I must write a letter, I figured I would share it with all who would listen. I hope your Amazon experience is better than mine. And Deo, you might want to pay attention to Ian and Mercy - they are customer service pros.

Long story short, Amazon - who is worth $430 BILLION - would rather lose a long time customer over $30. But as for the product, it was adorable and looked great in my candy bouquets. I'll attach a picture of that too.

***UPDATE*** After I emailed Amazon as part of a survey they sent, I received the following response:

I understand you're concerned about $15 credit for purchasing $50 gift cards on our website.

I can completely understand how frustrating and annoying the situation can be when something like this happens but believe us it was never our intention.

After reviewing your previous correspondences with our customer service, I can confirm the information provided to you was correct. As my colleague mentioned, the promotional credit will be provided only one per customer.

You can view the restrictions for promotion code here:

I realize this is frustrating; however we aren't able to offer any additional insight or action on this matter and any further inquiries regarding this issue won't receive a response.

We appreciate your understanding.

Best regards,
Madhan P.

I did go to that link, and there is nothing that addresses my concern or complaint. I wrote back asking them to highlight the part that actually has to do with my complaint. Don't worry, I'll update this if they ever respond.
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