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Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2020
It was so great going back to Butterfly Bayou in Lexi Blake's Bayou Dreaming. This time in addition to all the quirky denizens of Papillion, she's added a mythical beast and amateur film maker to the mix. Chuckles abound throughout the story.

I always liked Zep Guidry in previous Bayou books. He was a charmer with good looks and a ready smile. But, in Bayou Dreaming I absolutely fell in love with him. He proves time and again how well he knows Papillion and its people, his generosity of spirit and his love of all forms of critters. Deputy Roxanne King is one tough cookie and seemingly remains aloof just doing her job. She doesn't realize how important and accepted she's become to Papillion. Now she and Zep are thrown together and they, well she, gives into her feelings. He's always been there. Does their relationship bloom or never get off the ground because it has an end date?
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