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Reviewed in the United States on March 10, 2021
The below review contains spoilers for Firefly Lane. This book was a hard read. Most of the book is just sad and dark and I honestly don't believe the characters from the original Firefly Lane book would have behaved this way. It was extremely graphic at times, describing self harm in ways that literally made me sick. I have to give the author credit for her ability to describe these things in a way that felt so real and raw but it was too much for me. I feel there should have been some kind of disclaimer for the violence of it. It is nothing like the original book, there is no lightness to it, no happiness, no heart. I do believe this is what the author set out to do. There could be no Firefly Lane without Kate and she conveyed that well. If you are expecting a continuation of stories about Kate and Tully and their friendship and how that continued on in the lives of those who remained, you will be disappointed. This was a hard read and at times I wanted to give up because it was just so depressing. But, I did finish it and it is somewhat made up for at the end but it's not enough. I did not like the way she chose to portray Kate in her afterlife and the interaction with Tully, quite frankly, it was stupid and so otherworldly it was hard to visualize as I read it or to stay interested. The format was interesting, with the back and forth between flashbacks and different characters, although I could see how it would be difficult to follow for some, and so was unnecessary. For me, this is not a suitable continuation to the characters of Firefly Lane and I choose to believe this is some other world about completely different people. I choose to believe what I felt at the end of Firefly Lane: that they continued on without Kate because she gave them the strength to do so when she was alive. That they chose to honor her and their lives by moving forward and facing their grief together. To do otherwise seems like such a waste and a disservice to Kate. If the author wanted to write about grief, depression, self harm, addiction, rape, abuse, and self degradation to such an extent, she should have chosen new characters rather than ruining the ones from Firefly Lane. I cannot recommend this book, I honestly hated it.
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